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PAPA RIDE ( 2016 )

PAPA RIDE ( 2016 )

Kategori: 2016, Drama, Film Semi, Mandarin

Release: March 2016 (China)

Pemain Film: Chénxīwěn, yú yī fān, lǚzhìguǎng

Deskripsi: 28-year-old owner of a small bar Virgo Zhao stalls thing - adults forced by her mother soon, but stable exchanges girlfriend late at night by another man with a luxury car home. Extreme annoyance, recently out of this "heartbeat ride" What the hell! Break or not to break up, this is a problem. At this stall, surrounded by buddies children friends one against the software aspect head over heels for a taxi. Zhao seeing them about the gun smoothly, put on the white Formica, I could not help but have a crush ...... or else? "Pop" a try? Side of the car, a few buddies children friends "flap" cause also encountered all kinds of beauty, but the saying goes: "often in the river walk, how can I not wet shoes

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